Bio-Effects of Micro/Radiowave Research {Updated}

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Your head is humming and it won’t go.

Regarding portions of this [1]:

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Some selections:

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This alone could explain both Aaron Swartz and Susan Watkins, to name two.

Note also 11, increased irritability. This is how FBI provokes people in order to arrest or shoot them. Besides the possibility of Barrett Brown, see:

CBS Local Boston, “CBS News: Man Killed By FBI Implicated Himself, Tsarnaev In Waltham Triple Murder,” Bobby Sisk and Karen Anderson, 22 May 2013:

Implicated himself then died. Hm.

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Think I described it as feeling as though you’re being choked and having a metal band around your head:

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5 & 6: loss of hair, brittleness of hair:

Used third person back then because I had hoped to be able to deal with this without having to also ruin my reputation. Also covered in Wicked Game:

2, metallic taste was something from…

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Here’s everything you need to know about the Heartbleed web security flaw

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It seems as though every week or so there’s a new hack or exploit that reveals millions of passwords or important data from a popular web service, and this week is no exception. On Tuesday, IT professionals got word of a serious flaw in OpenSSL — the browser encryption standard used by an estimated two-thirds of the servers on the internet. The flaw, which was dubbed “Heartbleed,” may have exposed the personal data of millions of users and the encryption keys to some of the web’s largest services. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Heartbleed?

It’s a bug in some versions of the OpenSSL software that handles security for a lot of large websites. In a nutshell, a weakness in one feature of the software — the so called “heartbeat” extension, which allows services to keep a secure connection open over an extended period of time — allows…

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LGBT radicals: “Free speech is only for gays”

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The story has hit the news twice now– first Brendan Eich said donating to a traditional marriage supporting organization was a mistake, then he was forced to resign as CEO of Mozilla Firefox because of the donation.

It is amazing that America has gone to such a low level that we are evaluated by how we make donations to organizations…six years ago!

The Left didn’t targeted Mr. Eich for a nasty public comment ridiculing a different lifestyle, a hate-filled remark about somebody that he disliked who was gay or anything along that line…

The LGBT mafia (dubbed by Bill Mahr) snooped into Eich’s donations that were made a half dozen years ago.  Shouldn’t donations be private?  Shouldn’t ones personal views be kept separate as long as they’re not unlawful or hurting someone?  Or is the exercise of free speech something that only liberals and Leftists and Marxist radicals are entitled…

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