BBD – On the Trail of the Deep State Beast

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The primary purpose of this post is to relate what I learned from a local TI {that’s Organized Stalking talk for Targeted Individual} whom I met with today for lunch. The stranger portion, however, involves who else was at the table and picked up the tab. A man who went to the Bundy Ranch in order to defend it.

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Sadly, so true. A waste of energy, a distraction. I am from the US and saw the stupid crap come up over, and over again on fb news posts, but have to admit it took me three days to read it, because it appeared ignorant. The first thought that crossed my mind, once i did read it, was not about what he said, but more about what kind of scummy person recorded a private call then released it.

Some people WILL do anything…

I am not convinced, though that shallow, ignorance, is isolated to the US. From what I see that is an international trait.

After all, we have muslim nations trying to take over the world in the name of mohammad, a man that molested children and believed he flew around the world on a donkey. We have Russians trying to take over the Ukraine, in the name of God only knows. We have allot of crazy people on earth, distracted by BS… Definitely, not just a US thing wchild.

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Source: Dollar Vigilante, by Jeff Berwick

THIS JUST IN! An old white guy does not really like hanging out with black Americans….and the United States is in an uproar! His girlfriend secretly recorded him and released the tapes. Just as the Supreme Court is about to vote on warrantless cellphone searches, too. Life really is stranger than fiction.

A private conversation between Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, and his girlfriend, was recorded, and now the entire nation is weighing in. I am not saying what this guy said was right, in any way, but the attention and reaction by the media has been just as disgusting and childish. Why gives this guy any attention whatsoever? Because the American psyche is sick and voyeuristic.

Who really cares what this guy said to his girlfriend? Not to mention she was recording a private conversation without his knowledge, which is…

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CIA Brainwashing Document

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Added a link under History at right to the PDF of CIA’s 1956 psychological view of Communist brainwashing. It’s in must-read territory for a whole bunch of reasons.

First and foremost, CIA called it what it is: torture. This is the document that John Marks, who gathered many MKULTRA documents via FOIA and subsequently wrote The Search for the Manchurian Candidate referred to when he said several CIA men got angry when the doc was done. They had hoped to convince gatekeepers that there was some “ancient Chinese secret” to it all. One imagines this was so they could milk the federal cash cow, just as so many NSA contractors do today, based on manufactured boogeymen. Sort of like The Men Who Stare at Goats ESP nonsense.

You’ll also find that I previously blogged about the bizarre similarity between what Chelsea Manning’s attorney said happened at Quantico prison and…

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